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Archive of selected works. Pieces in this collection are no longer available and give a taste of the development in Leanne’s work

Leanne Christie painting of the false creek ferries and the Burrard Bridge

A Gathering of Granville

A beautiful triptych of personal Granville Island scenes; now a part of the “Swift Collection” Each painting in this grouping is strong enough to stand as an independent work and each demands something to be written about it.  Granville Island is not often a choice of subject for my paintings as it can be a […]

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Painting by Vancouver Artist, Leanne Christie of Jack Chow's Insurance on East Pender st, China Town, Vancouver, BC

Jack Chow’s insurance. Oil on canvas. 30″ x 40″

Sam Kee building which now houses Jack Chow’s insurance, one of the first monochromatic paintings. Ripley’s and the Guiness Book of World records has declared this the world’s narrowest building.  The view from the corner of Carrall and Pender street in Vancouver’s China Town is one of the most iconographic.  The Sun building, the gates […]

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Painting of Vancouver by Leanne Christie, view from Crab Park overlooking the Ports of Vancouver

Monday Afternoon. Oil on canvas. 48″ x 24″ Artist’s Collection

Monday Afternoon. Oil on canvas. 48″ x 24″ Steven Pressfield talks of the resistance in the War of Art and after listening to an interview with him, I was able to recognize that the laziness I was feeling in the run up to this painting, was potentially “the Resistance”. Since my move to Vancouver in 2008, […]

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