Before Oxidization. Oil on canvas. 24″ x 24″

Vancouver hotel urban landscape period painting painting of Vancouver Leanne Christie Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Barristers Lounge Featured artist art rental and sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery  leanne christie vancouver artist Before Oxidization. Oil on canvas. 24 x 24

What: Hotel Vancouver opened in 1939

A cannibal:  The developers of this, the 3rd Hotel Vancouver, entered into an agreement with the city that Vancouver would demolish the previous hotel as she was considered to be far more lavish and they were concerned that she may prove to be too much of a rival.

Current Use: Still a hotel but now known as the Fairmont with her oxidized blue roof.

Court Case Heard: Brien v Astoria Hotels LTD 1939

Edith Brien had entered the men’s portion of the bar to sell socks.  The proprietor had asked her to leave and had “handled” her in a way which was not proven but which may have led to her falling outside the door.  Edith was looking for damages, the court ruled in favor of the Astoria.

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