Equivocation Camouflaged. Oil on canvas. 36″ x 48″

Vancouver artist urban landscape New Vancouver law courts monochrome painting Leanne Christie Barristers Lounge Featured artist Arthur Erickson art rental and sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery  leanne christie vancouver artist Equivocation Camouflaged. Oil on canvas. 36 x 48

What: The new Vancouver Law Courts opened 1980

The new court house was conceived as a 50 storey skyscraper and was to be the tallest in the city but with changes to the political landscape, the plan was scraped.  Arthur Erickson re-envisioned the building as a lying down skyscraper.

Current Use: Vancouver courthouse

Court Case Heard: Stopps v Just Ladies Fitness. 2006

Stoppes had applied for membership at Just Ladies Fitness, Metrotown and was denied based on his sex.  The courts ruled against Stoppes as he was not adversely affected and no dignity had been lost.

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