The Measure. Oil on canvas. 36″ x 48″

Vancouver law courts Vancouver artist vancouver urban landscape Oil painting New Vancouver law courts monochrome painting Local Vancouver artist Leanne Christie interior Barristers Lounge Featured artist Arthur Erickson art rental and sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery  leanne christie vancouver artist The Measure. Oil on canvas. 36 x 48

What: the interior of atrium in the Arthur Erickson designed new Vancouver Law courts with the scales of justice.

 Early in the 1990′s Erickson declared was declared bankrupt and became homeless.  HIs house was saved by neighbors and 2 Canadian financial barons payed off his debts.

Current Use: Law courts

Court Case Heard:  Rex v Pickton. 9 December 2007

Robert Pickton was tried and convicted for the murders of 6 women, he was charged in the deaths of 20 and confessed to the deaths of 49.  He received life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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