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DP World Vancouver terminal

DP World Vancouver

It’s true, at the Northern end of Vancouver’s Main street lies a treasure trove.  Throughout 2013 I thought that it must be the 6 year old boy who lives within me who compels me to squander precious morning hours on the Main street overpass until, one rainy morning, I bumped into a client on my […]

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Painting of Vancouver by Leanne Christie, view from Crab Park overlooking the Ports of Vancouver

Monday Afternoon. Oil on canvas. 48″ x 24″ Artist’s Collection

Monday Afternoon. Oil on canvas. 48″ x 24″ Steven Pressfield talks of the resistance in the War of Art and after listening to an interview with him, I was able to recognize that the laziness I was feeling in the run up to this painting, was potentially “the Resistance”. Since my move to Vancouver in 2008, […]

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