Traversing. Oil on canvas. 8″ x 8″ . SOLD

Vancouver artist small painting painting of Vancouver Oil painting Leanne Christie Gore Street east vancouver cyclist China Town  leanne christie vancouver artist Traversing. Oil on canvas. 8 x 8 . SOLD

Traversing. Oil on canvas. 8″ x 8″. SOLD

-An increasingly iconographic image of Vancouver.  This is especially true of East Vancouver where the designated cycle routes becoming thriving highways of 2 wheel traffic at certain times of the day.  This is the second painting which includes a cyclist, although this one a little more casual with the posture more akin to the Keefer/Gore area where not many people fit their 2 wheeled chariots.  In “Jack Chow’s Insurance” you can feel the cyclist moving with ease and speed through the streets and it is clear that they are suited perfectly to their bikes.  This painting has the taste of China Town and is the most familiar to me yet.

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